Koi Products

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Koi Filters

A koi filter can use vast amounts of technology to make your dream koi a reality. Koi are messy fish, so what’s important is that your filter is correctly matched to the size of your pond to ensure it maintains the highest standards of mechanical and biological filtration.

Koi Pond Pumps

The pump in your koi pond needs to be strong, powerful and able to handle solids. Designed to be economical and continuously run, our koi pond pumps are reliable and will become the heart of your koi pond.

Koi Air Pumps

Making sure your pond is well oxygenated becomes more important the bigger your fish get. Strong air pumps can pump air down to the deepest parts of your koi pond and aid the biological filtration of even the largest koi ponds.

Koi Pond Treatments

Koi can be sensitive creatures if the water quality isn’t good, and if something isn’t looking right with your prized fish, you’ll want some top quality treatments to get them back to full health as quickly as possible.

Koi Foods

Koi are hungry fish, and to bring out the best colours and make them grow as quickly as they would naturally, they need a high protein, colour enhancing food for the summer months.

All Koi Products

Looking for something else for your koi pond? We have a much bigger range online including cleaning products, UVs, lighting and more.